Three Main Aspects for Pre-service Teachers

“Great teachers are not born, they are made”

0757562e42e18c7I again and again talk about Pre-service Teachers’ Preparation in order to be professional in their fields because of many reasons, including my personal observation as a part of Education Department students in the past. The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, together with ILO, UNICEF, UNDP, and Education International representatives in The Joint Message on the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day in 2014, suggest that “[a]n education system is only as good as its teachers.” She and her team believe that “teachers are an investment for the future.” Continue reading “Three Main Aspects for Pre-service Teachers”

Contemporay Issues in Education

Education, Gender and Sexual Identity

Given the issue that boys are more likely dropping out from schools because most teachers are women, Smith (2016), a senior lecturer from Cardiff University, argues that “a teacher’s gender has no measurable impact on pupils’ academic achievement”. I myself personally believe that there are many other reasons why female students academically outperform boys at school and are more likely to complete Year 12 than their male counterparts. Continue reading “Education, Gender and Sexual Identity”

Contemporay Issues in Education · My study

Globalisation and Education

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It is interesting to discuss that globalisation and its implications in humans’ life, which are mainly about economic, trading and financial sectors throughout the world, have led to the constant changing of educational systems and curricula in many countries as well. There are also many different aspects can be explored from this topic, but this summary will focus on elaborating two main different ideas around comparisons and differences of education systems in two different countries, Indonesia and Australia, as well as the work of twenty-first century students and previous generations. Continue reading “Globalisation and Education”

Contemporay Issues in Education · My study

Going Up or Down? A Reflection

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It takes quite longer time for me to understand both the illustration and whole ideas of reading resources provided. The tittle, ‘Social Class and Inequality”, might seem simple, but the study around it is such complicated which needs to be read again and again until I eventually learn some new things. It is also interesting to notice the links between social class and education being shaped among societies. Continue reading “Going Up or Down? A Reflection”

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The story behind the concept, a new idea for innovation in Education

FB ProfileMost of Education Faculties in Indonesia require their students to do teaching practices in several schools as a part of their final duty before starting writing thesis for a Bachelor of Education at university. The duration of that program varies among different universities, between two weeks up to four months. My university requires Education Department students to do the internship at schools for two months. There was an interesting fact based on my observation as an internship teacher five years ago. Almost half of students from the Education Faculty in my university were not able to teach in real classrooms because of many reasons, including the lack of confidence, preparation, practice, and knowledge. Continue reading “The story behind the concept, a new idea for innovation in Education”

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education

Having an opportunity to have a proper education is everyone’s right in this world, and this point is written in the constitution of all nations. In Article 13 number 1 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), United Nations (1966) states that education should be able to involve all people in an independent society, raise tolerance, understanding and friendship among all countries regardless their socio-cultural backgrounds. Continue reading “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education”

Contemporay Issues in Education · My study

Reflective Summary on the Anthropocene

Indonesia is one of developing countries in Asia which has been struggling in improving the life quality of its people and is trying hard to be able to competitively face challenges of global and international interaction. In their development, both government and public sectors have been attempting a huge number of efforts to explore natural resources, to import national demands, and to create new products. Continue reading “Reflective Summary on the Anthropocene”