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Innovation and Failure

123Experts from various backgrounds including economists suggest that innovation is a must in order to better create high-quality products and results and to improve humans’ life in all aspects, and the successful innovation determines international competitions among countries nowadays (OECD 2007, p. 3). However, in the process to innovate, we might somehow face two different possibilities Continue reading “Innovation and Failure”

Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS)

Wawancara AAS 2017 (Perjalanan Saya)

Halo kawan-kawan semua. Saya ucapkan selamat bagi Anda yang lulus tahapan administrasi beasiswa Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS). Anda semua memang luar biasa. Saya mengerti bahwa tahapan tersebut memang sangat ketat, banyak sudah yang kawan-kawan lalui, perjuangkan dan korbankan. Tentunya perasaan sebagian kawan-kawan semakin nervous tak karuan untuk menjalani proses selanjutnya (wawancara), memikirkan apa yang harus dipersiapkan dan apalagi yang harus dihadapi.  Continue reading “Wawancara AAS 2017 (Perjalanan Saya)”

Contemporay Issues in Education

Cultural Difference and Identity

saling-melengkapi-300x204The phenomenon of “a deaf lesbian couple in the United States deliberately creating a deaf child” is for me really a quite complex case, and I still think it hard to find the real reasons behind that proposal. Of course, it raises a number of pro and counter-arguments, but I try to be neutral when talking about this issue. Continue reading “Cultural Difference and Identity”


Three Main Aspects for Pre-service Teachers

“Great teachers are not born, they are made”

0757562e42e18c7I again and again talk about Pre-service Teachers’ Preparation in order to be professional in their fields because of many reasons, including my personal observation as a part of Education Department students in the past. The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, together with ILO, UNICEF, UNDP, and Education International representatives in The Joint Message on the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day in 2014, suggest that “[a]n education system is only as good as its teachers.” She and her team believe that “teachers are an investment for the future.” Continue reading “Three Main Aspects for Pre-service Teachers”

Contemporay Issues in Education

Education, Gender and Sexual Identity

Given the issue that boys are more likely dropping out from schools because most teachers are women, Smith (2016), a senior lecturer from Cardiff University, argues that “a teacher’s gender has no measurable impact on pupils’ academic achievement”. I myself personally believe that there are many other reasons why female students academically outperform boys at school and are more likely to complete Year 12 than their male counterparts. Continue reading “Education, Gender and Sexual Identity”

Contemporay Issues in Education · My study

Globalisation and Education

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It is interesting to discuss that globalisation and its implications in humans’ life, which are mainly about economic, trading and financial sectors throughout the world, have led to the constant changing of educational systems and curricula in many countries as well. There are also many different aspects can be explored from this topic, but this summary will focus on elaborating two main different ideas around comparisons and differences of education systems in two different countries, Indonesia and Australia, as well as the work of twenty-first century students and previous generations. Continue reading “Globalisation and Education”