PPIA VU WON Best Club Promotion 2019 & HIGHLY COMMENDED Club of The Year

PPIA VU WON Best Club Promotion 2019 & HIGHLY COMMENDED Club of The Year

As the president of Victoria University Indonesian Student Association (VUISA) / @ppiavu 2018-2019, I would like to thank my team, Lery as the Vice President, Novika as the Treasurer, and Evi as the Secretary. I am so glad to have you in this very supportive team. I learnt a lot from you, guys, in this team. This WINNING is dedicated to you.

We worked together, and we went through a difficult time. However, with optimism, though in a short period of time, we successfully solved the problems, raised this organisation, and reunited all members. We achieved our initial goals. My special and great thanks are always to you, team!
Thanks a lot also to all @ppiavu members, especially those who were actively involved as volunteers in many VUISA events. We are so proud of you. Without your involvement, it would be more difficult for this organisation to raise. PPIA VU (VUISA) is our home. I know we can do better as long as we are together.

This is a great honour for us. We are so grateful and we hope this can be a new spirit for us to be more active and creative and engaged in all events held by Victoria University generally, and by VU Student Life especially.
We also hope we can give more contribution, and make a large impact through the next events that we, the new executives, are planning.

We want to thank VU Clubs Team who facilitated us during our involvement in all events throughout this year. They patiently helped us prepare everything we needed.

Finally, special thanks to Mrs. April, Senior Manager of VU International, who had and always have time for VUISA and the members. We don’t know how to express our sincere gratitude to you, but thank you very much Mrs April. We hope you are never tired of being the person we learn from.

Again, thank you VU Student Leadership Team, for this privilege. All the best!



New accomplishment: Best Club Promotion 2019 & Highly Commended Club of the Year 2019 from VU Student Leadership Awards.
*Yanri Ramdhano*
*President of @ppiavu 2018/2019*

Yanri Ramdhano is an Indonesian educator and a news presenter of Jambi TV. He is also an Awardee of Australia Awards Scholarship, and he is currently studying Master of Education at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. He is a teacher in the English Village, Pare - Kediri, East Java, Indonesia; was an alumnus of IVLP OD TESOL Leadership Exchange USA 2016; a Counsellor of Pre-service English Teacher EPIC Camp 2016 RELO US Embassy Jakarta; a Camper of RELO EPIC Camp 2015 US Embassy Jakarta; an Ambassador of Indonesian Language for Jambi Province 2013-2014; a teacher at MEI English Course Jambi 2012-2015.

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