Blog Entry 4: Reflection & Powerpoint

Blog Entry 4: Reflection & Powerpoint

Today’s class learning activity is very indispensable for me to think how I will deliver the lessons to students in the future. The lecturer carefully scaffolded how student teachers will consider transforming their teaching practice from fully didactic strategy to E-Learning, which involves the use of technology, the interaction among students, and many others. In regard with the technology integration in the 21stCentury Learning, Dr. Ruben Puentedura popularised the SAMR model, which stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition.

This model allows “teachers to design, develop, and infuse digital learning experiences that utilise technology” (Shrock 2013). In relation to that, Kathy Shrock, an Educational Technologist, elaborates that the technology integration in education to help learners achieve the maximum learning outcomes. Thus, in order to benefit a lot from the utilising of digital technologies in education, educators should use the Bloom’s Taxonomy along with the SAMR Model. Thus, Shrock (2013) suggests that teachers design the tasks that drives their students to achieve the higher-order cognitive skills (Bloom’s) and significant impacts of outcomes (SAMR).

As I will be able to teach Bachelor Students in Education at my home university in Indonesia, I will do my best to implement this learning model carefully as well as to encourage my future students to get used to the digital media in teaching and learning. One of the subjects that I can possibly teach in the future is Educational Leadership. There will some weekly topics discussed and learnt as part of classroom’s activity.

Each of the students is to make their own personal free blogs to post their learning journals, weekly reports, essays, and summaries regarding the subject, so they will no longer use hard papers to submit their writings. Besides, this blog will allow all students to involve in virtual discussion on each other’s platforms. The use of the online blogging in learning activity is categorised in the redefinition part of SAMR Model (Carrington, 2015).

Also, here I provided the link of my powerpoint file regarding the 3rd-week activity.

Please also CLICK HERE to refer to the PowerPoint Presentation of the Horror Story from the 3rd-week meeting.





Carrington, A. (2015).The Padagogy Wheel … it’s a Bloomin’ Better Way to Teach

Shrock, C. (2013). Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything


Yanri Ramdhano is an Indonesian educator and a news presenter of Jambi TV. He is an Awardee of Australia Awards Scholarship 2017, and he graduated from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia for his Master of Education Program in December 2019. He was a teacher in the English Village, Pare - Kediri, East Java, Indonesia; an alumnus of IVLP OD TESOL Leadership Exchange USA 2016; a Counsellor of Pre-service English Teacher EPIC Camp 2016 RELO US Embassy Jakarta; a Camper of RELO EPIC Camp 2015 US Embassy Jakarta; an Ambassador of Indonesian Language for Jambi Province 2013-2014; a teacher at MEI English Course Jambi 2012-2015.

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