Pre Service English Teacher EPIC CAMP 2019 OPEN

Pre Service English Teacher EPIC CAMP 2019 OPEN



EPIC (Empowered, Prepared, Inspired, Connected) Camp is a professional development program sponsored by the Regional English Language Office (RELO) of the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta for final year university English department students who will be future teacher of English.In an engaging, interactive format with expert teachers and American professionals, selected participants will explore innovative teaching approaches and practice using effective English teaching tools.

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During the two-week camp, participants will participate in seminars and experiential learning. The camp format also encourages reflection and interaction during informal activities such as games, songs, and outdoor activities. Not only during class but also during meals and breaks, participants will have the opportunity to communicate with native speakers, expert teachers, and each other – enriching their English language proficiency and awareness of teaching practices.

Qualified candidates should:
• Be a citizen of and reside in Indonesia or Timor Leste at the time of the camp;
• Be a final y

ear student currently enrolled in a university English Department;
• Be motivated and committed to becoming an English teacher;
• Have permission from parent(s)/guardian(s) to participate in the camp;
• Have recommendation from Head of English Department to participate in the camp;
• Be willing to share their learning in a discussion, roundtable, or presentation at their home institution upon the completion of the EPIC Camp. Instructions and guidelines will be provided by the Regional English Language Office, U.S. Embassy Jakarta;
• Participants from Timor Leste must have a passport that is valid through at least December 2019.

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The camp is scheduled for June 17 – 29, 2019 in Denpasar, Bali.

All expenses including a round-trip ticket, ground transport, lodging, and meals will be covered.

Deadline: Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 11:59 PM Western Indonesia Time (WIB). Incomplete and late applications will not be considered. After that, the online form will not be accessible.

If you have any questions, please send to

Click here to directly access the official form of Camp EPIC 2019: CAMP EPIC 5 Application

Yanri Ramdhano as a Counsellor of Camp EPIC 2 in Bukittinggi 2016

Yanri Ramdhano ialah tokoh muda Jambi yang saat ini berperan dipercaya sebagai Staf Ahli Rektor UIN STS Jambi. Selain itu, Yanri Ramdhano ialah Presenter Berita Jambi TV dan Konsultan Pendidikan. Yanri Ramdhano merupakan penerima beasiswa Program Master (S2) dari Pemerintah Australia melalui skema Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) 2017, lulus dari program Master of Education di Victoria University Melbourne Australia Pada akhir tahun 2019. Di akhir masa study ia menjabat sebagai Presiden Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia Australia Victoria University (PPIA VU) 2018-2019; Tutor di Global English Kampung Inggris, Pare, Kediri – Jawa Timur 2016 s/d 2018; Alumni IVLP OD TESOL Leadership Exchange di Amerika Serikat (Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Sacramento, San Francisco) 2016; Counselor Camp EPIC 2 RELO US Embassy Jakarta tahun 2016 di Kota Bukittinggi; Alumni Camp EPIC 1 RELO US Embassy Jakarta Tahun 2015 di Kota Bandung; Duta Bahasa Provinsi Jambi 2013-2014.

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  1. halo kak, ini pengumuman EPIC camp kira-kira diumumkan dimana ya? website kah? atau gimana kak? terimakasih

  2. Hi kak.. apa boleh tau bagaimana cara mengetahui pembukaan pendaftaran dari Camp Epic? Saya sendiri merupakan mahasiswa semester 5 Sastra Inggris. Kalau boleh tahu, untuk mengetahui kapan Camp Epic akan diadakan kembali bisa di check kemana ya kak? Saya berminat untuk mengikuti kegiatan tersebut.


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