Testing the Idea of the Project

Testing the Idea of the Project

In order to start doing this project, there was an initial and essential step that I did, which was conducting two different online surveys. They are for students in the faculty of education of State Islamic University of Jambi, Indonesia and the guardians or parents that will send their children to learn in this Community Learning Centre. The survey took around one week, from 11th to 18th May, by using a google form. There were twenty participants from five different majors, namely English Education, Mathematics Education, Physics Education, Biology Education, and Arabic Education. Besides, each field was represented by four equal respondents, and equal gender, male and female. They are currently studying in semester six, which means that they will have teaching internship at schools in semester seven, or by the middle of this year. There were eight basic points asked regarding the students’ readiness and confidence to teach in the real classrooms, as well as their opinions about this program and reasons for joining/not in this program.

It is seen that among those twenty students, only five students (25%) are currently teaching at either public schools or private courses, while fifteen of them do not teach yet. Eight students are confident with their teaching abilities, while five students are not, and seven students choose the neutral option. Regarding the readiness, it can be seen that only one student is strongly ready to start teaching in the real classrooms, while four students are not ready to teach, and other seven students are neutral. Furthermore, most of the students are willing to participate in this program, and two students choose to be neutral. When being asked about their opinions towards this project, they state that this is a good program that can help them improve their teaching skills, experience, and confidence. They also want to join in this program in order to gain more practical knowledge and to be professional teachers that are well-prepared. Moreover, some students wrote that this is a place for them to start practising teaching because of the lack of teaching opportunities outside the campus.

Another essential point to notice is that none of the students from Biology and Physics Education has started teaching, and only one Maths education student has been teaching. It can also be seen through the survey that most students from Arabic Education have been teaching, particularly in Islamic Elementary Schools. It can be accepted that Arabic Education students have earlier started and are more confident teaching because they mostly graduated from Islamic Senior High (boarding) schools in which they learnt about that language intensively and comprehensively. Similarly, students from English Education might have potentially started teaching because there are quite many English courses run privately in Jambi that the students can apply for as a part-time job.

 Survey for Parents/ Guardians

Moving on to the survey for the parents or guardians, it was initially quite difficult to obtain the information from the parents or guardians since I do not really have access or even acquaintance. However, I managed to do it with the help of some university students even though I only got three respondents eventually. Those parents or guardians live nearby the university. After providing the information about my future project, I asked their opinions, whether they will send their children to learn in this Community Centre or not. It can be seen from the survey that two parents/guardians positively responded to this program and will allow their children, who are both currently studying year 7, to come. They state that their children need extra time to learn outside the schools as well as guidance to understand the school subjects. Besides, this is the closest place to learn, so their children do not need to commute/ travel far from home. On the contrary, another respondent chose to be neutral, and it can be understood that his/her son already has a full-day school program and going to be in year 12 which means he will be busy preparing for the national examination.

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Note: This article was written as a part of the Final Report of “Innovation (ED5009)” unit, Master of Education, Victoria University, Melbourne – Victoria, Australia.





Yanri Ramdhano ialah tokoh muda Jambi yang saat ini berperan dipercaya sebagai Staf Ahli Rektor UIN STS Jambi. Selain itu, Yanri Ramdhano ialah Presenter Berita Jambi TV dan Konsultan Pendidikan. Yanri Ramdhano merupakan penerima beasiswa Program Master (S2) dari Pemerintah Australia melalui skema Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) 2017, lulus dari program Master of Education di Victoria University Melbourne Australia Pada akhir tahun 2019. Di akhir masa study ia menjabat sebagai Presiden Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia Australia Victoria University (PPIA VU) 2018-2019; Tutor di Global English Kampung Inggris, Pare, Kediri – Jawa Timur 2016 s/d 2018; Alumni IVLP OD TESOL Leadership Exchange di Amerika Serikat (Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Sacramento, San Francisco) 2016; Counselor Camp EPIC 2 RELO US Embassy Jakarta tahun 2016 di Kota Bukittinggi; Alumni Camp EPIC 1 RELO US Embassy Jakarta Tahun 2015 di Kota Bandung; Duta Bahasa Provinsi Jambi 2013-2014.

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