SOAR Camp 2

SOAR Camp 2

Denpasar, Bali, Feb 22– 28, 2018

Regional English Language Office, U.S. Embassy Jakarta


Nominations Due: Friday, December 29, 2017 at 13.00 WIB. 


What is SOAR Camp?


SOAR (Student-Centered, Open-Minded, Active, and Reflective) Camp is the camp that is sponsored by the RELO Office, US Embassy Jakarta for selected enthusiastic in-service teachers who have taught English for NOT less than 5 years and NOT more than 10 years in secondary schools in Indonesia.


In an engaging, interactive format with expert teachers and American professionals, selected participants will enrich their teaching skills by exploring innovative teaching approaches and practicing using effective English teaching tools.


During the one-week camp, participants will participate in seminars and experiential learning. The camp format also encourages reflection and interaction during informal activities such as games, songs, and other group activities. Not only during class but also during meals and breaks, participants will have the opportunity to communicate with native speakers, expert teachers, and each other – enriching their English language proficiency and awareness of teaching practices.


Who is eligible?

Qualified candidates should:

  • Be a citizen of and reside in Indonesia at the time of the camp
  • Be an English teacher currently teaching in middle school or high school level (SMP, SMU/SMK, Madrasah, Pesantren) in Indonesia
  • Have taught English for NOT less than five (5) years and NOT more than ten (10) years
  • Be motivated and committed to improving their teaching skills
  • Have permission from the Principal to participate in the camp for one week from Feb 22 – 28, 2018. 
  • Be willing to share their learning in a discussion, roundtable, or presentation at their home institution upon the completion of the SOAR Camp. Instructions and guidelines will be provided by Regional English Language Office (RELO), U.S. Embassy Jakarta.


When will the program be held?

The camp is scheduled for February 22 – 28, 2018 in Denpasar, Bali


How to apply?

·         Fill in the online application form in this link:

·         Obtain a recommendation letter from your school principal. Get the form here: and attach it in the online application form.

·         Nominations Due: Friday, December 29, 2017 at 13.00 WIB.  The online form will not be available for submissions after the deadline.

Yanri Ramdhano is an Indonesian educator and a news presenter of Jambi TV. He is also an Awardee of Australia Awards Scholarship, and he is currently studying Master of Education at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. He is a teacher in the English Village, Pare - Kediri, East Java, Indonesia; was an alumnus of IVLP OD TESOL Leadership Exchange USA 2016; a Counsellor of Pre-service English Teacher EPIC Camp 2016 RELO US Embassy Jakarta; a Camper of RELO EPIC Camp 2015 US Embassy Jakarta; an Ambassador of Indonesian Language for Jambi Province 2013-2014; a teacher at MEI English Course Jambi 2012-2015.

35 thoughts on “SOAR Camp 2

    1. Honestly, I myself do not really know about it and never experience it, and
      I understand that applying for this 2nd SOAR Camp is through online submission. This is actually the first time RELO uses this kind of registration process.

      One thing that I can help you, perhaps, is now based on what your problem is, if I may know what should be corrected.

  1. Mas, boeh Bagi wawasan APA yg mas tahu tentang SOAR CAMP? Tahun ini saya beeniat mendaftar. Supaya bisa fit antara persyaratan Dan background saya yg bakal saya buat di personal statement. Makasih sebelum nya.

  2. I have similar problem with pak Yus ediyana. I did not check before send it. The committee will laugh to see that one of the applicants is 7 months old…

      1. Mas…mau nanyak kalo ada tulisan “SOAR CAMP SPRING 2018 Tanggapan anda sudah terekam” berarti sudah berhasil yah daftar nya? terima kasih

      2. I experienced the same thing.
        I forgot to fill the year of my DoB.
        it’s written December 7, 2017 instead of December 7, 1986.
        Really want to know how to correct it.

  3. Alhamdulillah hasilnya sudah keluar ^_^
    Saya baru dapat email sore ini. Semoga teman2 juga segera dapat balasan.
    See you in Bali, InsyaAllah.

    1. how lucky you are ……
      actually, i really hope to be one of the participants of SOAR 2018, but I haven’t got the email yet 😦

      1. oiya mau tanya dong, di email dicantumkan ga nama nama applicants yang beruntung? trus kira2 brp org pesertanya? mksh infonya

      2. Thank you mbak😊 InsyaAllah, semoga kita semua termasuk org2 yang beruntung. Email sepertinya dikirim ke masing2 individu. Disebutkan ada lebih kurang 300 pelamar dan ada 40 yang masuk sebagai campers. Tapi mohon maaf mbak, tidak dicantumkan daftar peserta yg lain.

  4. boleh minta no wa nya kah? biar tar aku bisa belajar gimana bikin personal recommendation yang baik, kalo ga tahun ini, insyaallah tahun depan …. yang penting tetap optimis dan yakin 🙂
    oiya mba dee domisilinya dimana ya? saya dari Kerinci (Jambi)

  5. Wow sudah ada yaa..selamatt ya yang sdh jadi campers..kita spt nya harus mengulang lagi tahu depan.. Boleh dong di share gmn utk tips2 recommendation lettenya🙏🏻😍

    1. Terima kasih mbak. Surat recommendation mgkn sama saja mbak😁 Saya jg ga begitu tau pasti yang bagusnya seperti apa. Semoga tahun depan mbak Wina jg ikutan, amin😊

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