Pre Service English Teacher EPIC camp 2018

Pre Service English Teacher EPIC camp 2018

Calling for applications!

What is Pre-Service English Teacher EPIC Camp?

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This camp is for selected talented 4th year university students who will be future teachers of English. In an engaging, interactive format with expert teachers and American professionals, selected participants will explore innovative teaching approaches and practice using effective English teaching tools. During the two week camp, participants will participate in seminars and experiential learning. The camp format also encourages reflection and interaction during informal activities such as games, songs, and outdoor activities. Not only during class but also during meals and breaks, participants will have the opportunity to communicate with native speakers, expert teachers, and each other – enriching their English language proficiency and awareness of teaching practices.

Who is eligible?

– Candidates should be in their final year of study in a university English Department, highly motivated, and both dedicated to becoming an English teaching professional and willing to share knowledge with friends and community.

Qualified candidates should:

-Be a citizen of and reside in Indonesia or Timor L’este at the time of the camp

-Be a final year student currently enrolled in a university English Department

-Be motivated and committed to becoming an English teacher

-Have permission from parent(s)/guardian(s) and Head of English Department to participate in the campUpon completion of the camp, pre-service teacher is required to share their learning in a discussion, roundtable, or presentation at their home institution. Instructions and guidelines will be provided by Regional English Language Office (RELO), U.S. Embassy Jakarta.

When will the program be held?

The camp is scheduled for January 8-20, 2018 in Surabaya, East Java.

How to apply?

Fill in the Pre-Service English Teacher EPIC Camp Application form and send a complete application to
Please write on the email subject line: EPIC2018_(Full Name)_(Institution)_(City)

Example: EPIC2018_Siti Aisyah_UIN Walisongo_Jakarta
Incomplete or misfiled applications will not be considered.
Application deadline is November 15, 2017

For more info and the application form, please find them in the following link:

Yanri Ramdhano is an Indonesian educator and a news presenter of Jambi TV. He is also an Awardee of Australia Awards Scholarship, and he is currently studying Master of Education at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. He is a teacher in the English Village, Pare - Kediri, East Java, Indonesia; was an alumnus of IVLP OD TESOL Leadership Exchange USA 2016; a Counsellor of Pre-service English Teacher EPIC Camp 2016 RELO US Embassy Jakarta; a Camper of RELO EPIC Camp 2015 US Embassy Jakarta; an Ambassador of Indonesian Language for Jambi Province 2013-2014; a teacher at MEI English Course Jambi 2012-2015.

7 thoughts on “Pre Service English Teacher EPIC camp 2018

    1. Hallo, Tifki.

      Pre-Service English Teacher EPIC Camp disponsori dan diselenggarakan langsung oleh RELO, salah satu departemen di Kedubes Amerika Jakarta dan dibantu oleh beberapa orang instruktur dari FIB UI

      Sementara itu, posisi saya disini adalah sebagai Alumni angkatan pertama dari program tersebut. Tugas saya ialah membantu menyebarluaskan informasi program ini sekaligus berbagi tentang semua hal yang telah dipelajari dari program. Trims

  1. Kak, apakah para peserta yang tidak lolos memang sama sekali tidak diberi kabar? Saya mencari di mana-mana daftar applicant yang lulus tapi tidak ketemu. Saya cek facebook relo, sepertinya memang sudah terpilih. Mohon infonya ya Kak. Terimakasih.

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