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Testing the Idea of the Project

In order to start doing this project, there was an initial and essential step that I did, which was conducting two different online surveys. They are for students in the faculty of education of State Islamic University of Jambi, Indonesia and the guardians or parents that will send their children to learn in this Community Learning Centre. The survey took around one week, from 11th to 18th May, by using a google form. There were twenty participants from five different majors, namely English Education, Mathematics Education, Physics Education, Biology Education, and Arabic Education. Besides, each field was represented by four equal respondents, and equal gender, male and female. They are currently studying in semester six, which means that they will have teaching internship at schools in semester seven, or by the middle of this year. There were eight basic points asked regarding the students’ readiness and confidence to teach in the real classrooms, as well as their opinions about this program and reasons for joining/not in this program. Continue reading “Testing the Idea of the Project”

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National Challenge of Teacher Training in Indonesia

The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (2017) states that in the 2015 Constitution No. 14 about Teachers and Lecturers, and Government Regulation No. 74 in 2008, teachers are required to have an academic qualification, competence, and the teacher certification. The teacher certification is gained through teaching profession programs prepared by faculties of education of both public and private universities. There is an interesting fact elaborated by The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia in 2017 regarding the problem around the low-quality of teacher training recently. Continue reading “National Challenge of Teacher Training in Indonesia”

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How to test my ideas?

light-bulbIn the previous article when introducing the idea of my project, I said that this is an ambitious planning, but it is of course possible. As this is quite a big project, this long-term program cannot be directly applied in the coming periods, and also it will be conducted in my home country, Indonesia, where most views and policies can apply, and it is relevant to my situatedness. However, in this section, I would like to explain about several steps that I will do in order to run as well as to test this project. Continue reading “How to test my ideas?”

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Innovation and Failure

123Experts from various backgrounds including economists suggest that innovation is a must in order to better create high-quality products and results and to improve humans’ life in all aspects, and the successful innovation determines international competitions among countries nowadays (OECD 2007, p. 3). However, in the process to innovate, we might somehow face two different possibilities Continue reading “Innovation and Failure”

Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS)

Wawancara AAS 2017 (Perjalanan Saya)

Halo kawan-kawan semua. Saya ucapkan selamat bagi Anda yang lulus tahapan administrasi beasiswa Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS). Anda semua memang luar biasa. Saya mengerti bahwa tahapan tersebut memang sangat ketat, banyak sudah yang kawan-kawan lalui perjuangkan dan korbankan. Tentunya perasaan sebagian kawan-kawan semakin nervous tak karuan untuk menjalani proses selanjutnya (wawancara), memikirkan apa yang harus dipersiapkan dan apalagi yang harus dihadapi.  Continue reading “Wawancara AAS 2017 (Perjalanan Saya)”

Contemporay Issues in Education

Cultural Difference and Identity

saling-melengkapi-300x204The phenomenon of “a deaf lesbian couple in the United States deliberately creating a deaf child” is for me really a quite complex case, and I still think it hard to find the real reasons behind that proposal. Of course, it raises a number of pro and counter-arguments, but I try to be neutral when talking about this issue. Continue reading “Cultural Difference and Identity”